Saginaw, Michigan has its own island…and it’s a shady, wonderful place for riverside walks, biking, picnics, and baseball. Located on Saginaw River in the downtown area, the island’s naturally lush scenery and river banks draped with swaying willow trees is the opportune location for beautiful strolls and a great place to simply relax.

Ojibway Island, pronounced Oh-jib-wah, is accessible by bridge or by the walking paths. The property was donated to the city in 1905 for the purpose of a park by prominent Saginaw citizen and businessman, Ezra Rust.

Not many people know that the island is actually named after the Chippewa (also called Chippeway) Indians, who had the misfortune of also having their name misspelled and mispronounced as, Ojibwa or Ojibway when the earliest European visitors arrived.

Today Ojibway Island is the a place of refuge from day to day and also a destination for many large events that take place annually.